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"SUN" : 선 the Second


miss KOREA SUN the Second

Welcome to miss KOREA SUN the Second

Graceful details inspired by nature while preserving classical elements. miss KOREA SUN the Second incorporates new visuals to complement a pleasing dining experience for our guests. Spacious rooms for private dining or festive events, this is the second floor of miss KOREA BBQ.

The series of the next big thing at miss KOREA BBQ, Sarang Bang. An accommodating interior to express the utmost appreciation for our restaurant’s guests.

Elegantly pristine in form and function, welcome to miss KOREA SUN the Second.

Inspired by nature and designed for an exquisite dining experience.
Introducing Imperial Dinner Course, Lunch Course and Brunch Course offerings, exclusively served on the second floor. Appreciate an intricately selected menu of our establishment’s finest cuisines, exhibiting the very best of miss KOREA BBQ.

Sophistication meets cutting-edge technology on the second floor of miss KOREA BBQ. Enjoy the enhanced flavor of barbecue from Bio Far Infrared Wellbeing Grills with advanced efficiency and purification systems to minimize grilling time while remaining conveniently smoke-free.

Interior design by Charm Design Group

Thank you to all the miss KOREA BBQers for your continued patronage and we welcome you to visit miss KOREA SUN the Second at your convenience.